Fighting the Cause of Allergy
For Long Term Relief.

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Pet Allergies

For 30 years, Spectrum Veterinary has been committed to providing pets with allergies a higher quality of life. If you think your pet has allergies, visit our list of common symptoms and learn what you can do to help.

And as if you needed another reason to appreciate your 4-legged family member,  here is a great article on the 102 benefits of having a dog (however we are sure this extends to cats too)

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Spectrum Veterinary is a part of the global leader in veterinary allergy diagnostics, having tested over 1 million animals worldwide, our SPOT allergy test will analyze the 91 most common allergens in your region to put your animal on the path towards long-term allergy relief.

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Since there’s no known “cure” for allergies and the prospect of avoiding all the things your patient has reacted to is unrealistic, we utilize hyposensitization to achieve long-term allergy relief. Manufactured in our USDA licensed facility, our treatment has been proven to provide long-lasting relief for your pet.

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