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Proudly Tested Over 1 Million Pets Since 1989

For 30 years Spectrum Veterinary has been the global leader in veterinary allergy testing and treatment. Do you think your loved one is suffering from allergies? Check our list of symptoms and talk to your Veterinarian about the patented SPOT test.


The patented SPOT test is the most trusted in-vitro (blood/serum) allergy test on the market. With thousands of veterinary partners around the country and represented in 70 countries worldwide, our test has become recognized as the gold standard for serum allergy testing.

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Regional Specific Testing

Each allergen panel takes into account the weeds, trees, grasses, and insects prevalent in your area. Learn about the allergens that we test for in your area with our interactive allergy map.

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Allergy Treatment

Testing is the first step, but the real value comes with our steroid-free, USDA approved hyposensitization. Each set is custom made based on your pet’s allergies. This is the ONLY safe, long-term allergy relief available.

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