They can't tell you what they're allergic to. That's where we come in.

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The Spectrum Advantage

We know you have options for managing your patient’s allergies, we are dedicated to helping both veterinarians and pet parents provide a better quality of life for animals with allergies. With almost 30 years of experience, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of diagnostics and the treatment of allergies.

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Allergy Testing

Serum IgE testing is the first step towards long-term allergy relief. We offer comprehensive, regionally specific panels, testing dogs and cats for 91 allergens and 86 for horses. As our test measures the allergen-specific IgE, patients do NOT need to be taken off relief medications prior to testing.

About Our Testing

Allergy Treatment

Since there is no known “cure” for allergies and the prospect of avoiding all the things your patients react to is unrealistic, we utilize hyposensitization to achieve long-term allergy relief, available in subcutaneous injections and sublingual options for your convenience. Manufactured in our USDA licensed facility, our treatment has been proven to provide long-lasting relief for your patients.

About Our Treatment

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Highest Success Rates In the Industry
Dietary Change Alone
Hyposensitization Alone
Hyposensitization and Diet Change
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Don’t take our word for it. Just a few of the things our clients had to say about Spectrum Veterinary and SPOT Platinum.

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Spectrum Veterinary is proud to be represented by 72 international distributors from every corner of the globe.

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SPOT Advantage

Thousands of veterinarians only trust Spectrum Veterinary’s SPOT test for their allergy needs. Here are just a few of the reasons why.