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Serum IgE testing and hyposensitization provides lasting relief from allergy and allergy-related symptoms patient’s struggle with.  Relief medications (steroids, antihistamines, Cyclosporine and the like) can become more expensive than treatment, especially if you factor in side effects and costs they can create with long-term use. By keeping the patient on relief medications, you allow the disease of allergy to progress.

Serum allergy testing and treatment work to not only increase an animal’s tolerance to offending allergens but with Spectrum Veterinary, it also provides the convenience of a steroid-independent testing methodology.

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Regionally Specific Testing

The Spot Platinum canine and feline assay is the most comprehensive allergy testing available, with a total of 91 of the most common allergens in your region, including grasses, trees, weeds, common indoor allergens, the 24 most common commercial pet food ingredients, as well as flea, staph and malassezia. Special allergens available upon request.

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Ready to submit a sample to Spectrum Veterinary? Good choice. We’ve made getting started as easy as possible. Simply collect serum, fill out our order forms, download a pre-paid shipping label, and we will do the rest. You can expect results in about 48 business hours!

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Proceeding With Treatment

Spectrum Veterinary isn’t just known for it’s sensitive and specific testing assay but is also known for our comprehensive approach to treatment.

Hyposensitization is the only effective cure for allergies and avoidance is unrealistic. Our comprehensive approach to treatment incites compliance because we are able to treat for more allergens in a single set. We now have two delivery methods available for our hyposensitization treatment sets: subcutaneous injections or sublingual drops.

Treatment Options
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