Poor response? Questionable results?

We offer complimentary retests.

1. Make a copy of the patient’s previous results. These will need to be on the lab or dermatologist’s letterhead; printed patient records or in-house results will be returned.

2. Fill out our order & history forms as detailed as possible.

3. Indicate on the order form that it is a competitor retest.

4. Attach previous results to order/history forms and package with the serum sample.

5. Send it off using one of our pre-paid FedEx labels.

Please note clinics are limited to 5 retests!  The original testing panel must be a serum-based assay unless it is an intradermal test conducted by a licensed veterinary dermatologist. Sensitivity (hair, and saliva-based assays) do not qualify under our competitor retest program protocol.

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