Allergy Injections

While other labs limit the number of allergens to 12-15, Spectrum Veterinary increases the likelihood for quicker, more lasting relief by including up to 20 allergens in a single treatment set, often for a price that is a fraction of what other labs charge.


Compliance is the key to success. In an effort to meet the needs of pet parents, Spectrum Veterinary is offering two services to help keep your patient’s on track with their allergy injections. They will have the opportunity to request: Personalized treatment calendars and receive email reminders for injections. It is important to go over these options with your clients to ensure total compliance.

Initial Injection Schedule

Treatment for allergies in this method are via subcutaneous injections of the offending allergens. These shots are administered over a 9-month period and administered in increasing doses as well as gradual increases in concentration. The 3 vials of increasing concentration are supplied directly by Spectrum Veterinary on a prescription basis to the testing veterinarian. The initial 9-month period of hyposensitization is followed by monthly maintenance shots.

Maintenance Schedule

Once the initial injection protocol is completed, it is necessary to maintain the animal’s increased tolerance to allergens. After an initial half dosage, maintenance injections are administered monthly and each set lasts approximately 8 months.

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