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Over the last 30 years, Spectrum Veterinary has helped thousands of Veterinarians manage their allergy cases worldwide.

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We love working with Spectrum Veterinary,* our patients have benefited greatly because of the help they received in dealing with their allergies … Quick turnaround time with allergy testing results and very easy to read results that give the clients information on the best way to manage their pets’ allergies. Love your company and would recommend time and time again.

Judy Kaasa
Office Manager, Arch Animal Hospital

The allergy testing and hyposensitivity shots Spectrum Veterinary* provides for my patients has changed many of their lives.

Dr. Kristina Keeth, DVM
Veterinarian, Hansford County Veterinary Hospital

Our clients are happy with the results, and our patients are more comfortable with hyposensitization combined with food allergen avoidance.

Dr. Sherry Billett, DVM
Veterinarian, Peninsula Veterinary Service

In my own personal experience with Spectrum Veterinary* I had my two Chinese Cresteds tested … I was shocked to see most of the foods I tried had a high react-ability in my dogs. So, I totally know how our clients feel when I hand them that book with their own dog’s allergies listed – the relief to finally have a place to really start with managing their pet’s allergies instead of just doing the whole trial and error method.

Shelley Guinther
Veterinary Technician
Southern Kern Veterinary

I love the client information booklets that we receive to give to our clients after their pet has had the allergy testing. They are very informative and give the testing even more value. I have been very pleased with Spectrum for their fast turnaround time. All of the patients we have put on allergy shots after testing have improved!

Tricia Eagle
Office Manager, Ashby Animal Clinic

We have had a very easy and successful partnership with Spectrum Veterinary.* Results always are returned in a timely manner and the ability to order new or maintenance vials online makes everything so much easier!

Chelsea Kopaskey
Veterinary Technician, Town & Country Animal Hospital

Spectrum Veterinary* has allowed us to provide relief to so many of our allergy patients, that couldn’t get relief elsewhere. Testing and treatment is streamlined and the detailed information provided for our clients is extremely helpful.

Caroline Morder
Hospital Administrator, McClintock Animal Care Center

* The company title was edited to reflect our name change from Spectrum Labs to Spectrum Veterinary

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