Download all Spectrum Veterinary-related documents and brochures below.

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Order and History Form

Order and History form for SPOT Platinum allergy test, thyroid panels and/or VacciCheck.

Sample Results Book

Good allergy testing is an investment, which is why all our patients receive personalized result booklets.

The booklet is a perfect reference for pet owners to reference when it comes to their pet’s allergies.  It also provides information, support, and recommendations to ensure they receive the greatest value out of the test.

Sample Treatment Diary

View a sample of the treatment diary that is provided with every treatment set we manufacture, whether sublingual or subcutaneous. Includes: Injection Dosage Schedule, Understanding the Dosage Schedule, Administering Injections, Sublingual Dosage Schedule, Watch for Reactions, Dosing Schedule Ledger and How to Stay Connected with Spectrum Veterinary.

Allergy Management Best Practices

How to set your practice, clients, & patients up for success!  This easy to read guide will walk you through all the best practices to fully utilize SPOT Platinum allergy testing and treatment in your clinic and get the best results possible.

Symptoms Questionnaires

Complete this form in its entirety to advise when the patient is experiencing an increase in symptoms.

Complete this form to update us on how the patient is progressing on treatment.

Complete this form to let us know more about the patient’s symptoms prior to starting treatment.

Information Packet - Small Animal

Request our small animal information packet here for essential material about our services.

 FOR PRICING, PLEASE CALL (800) 553-1391

Information Packet - Equine

Request our equine information packet here for essential material about our services.


Allergy Office Poster

This high-quality PDF is perfect to print and hang in your clinic’s lobby.

Initial Injection Protocol

Initial injection protocol for subcutaneous hyposensitization treatment sets.

Results to Prescription

Why wait several days until you have a copy of the results in your hands, then further waste valuable time placing an order if you know ahead of time that you plan to hyposensitize an animal with treatable allergies. Simply indicate your preferences for treatment or request that we call you to discuss your order as soon as your results become available. We will guarantee to begin manufacturing of your set(s) upon completion of testing and ship to you within 3 days*.

Allergy Treatment Options

Which treatment option is best for your pet, shots or drops?  This brochure trifold will go over the two options and sets proper expectations when proceeding with treatment.

Is Your Pet Scratching

This PDF trifold brochure covers everything from the common symptoms of allergies to information about food allergies.  Perfect to print and have available in clinic for those patients who would like to know more about pet allergies.

VacciCheck Antibody Titer Test

Spectrum Veterinary is proud to distribute VacciCheck in the United States.  This brochure goes over what VacciCheck is, how it should be utilized in practice to prevent over and under vaccination consequences.

Refill Injection Instructions

Instructions for administration of refill vial(s). For animal hyposensitization, restricted to use by or under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Service History Form

Spectrum Veterinary service and history form, to be completed and sent with every sample to ensure the highest quality testing and treatment.

Sublingual Indications, Usage and Dosage Schedule

Sublingual Immunotherapy indications, usage and dosage schedule information.

Thyroid Testing: What You Should Know

Spectrum Veterinary works with HemoPet to provide thyroid testing in conjunction with allergy testing. These resources will go over some of the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, the different panels we offer, and why even test, to begin with.

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